Saturday, December 8, 2007

Dog Park Etiquette

With the Hawaii Kai Dog Park getting closer to completion, your dogs might want a refresher on how to behave. Excerpted from a Hui 'Ilio Hawaii article (the non-profit group working for bark parks around Oahu), consider:

• Before considering a trip to the dog park there is one essential skill your dog needs to know. When you call your dog, will he come to you? If you and your dog have been working on off-leash recall in your own yard maybe it’s time to try it out in a broader environment. Pick a time that’s not too busy at the dog park and work with your dog. With perseverance you and your dog will become confident and welcomed
park goers.
• Dogs must be leashed for entering and exiting the park.
• Always be aware of your dog’s whereabouts and be prepared to intervene with a leash when aggressive behavior endangers other park goers and their dogs.
• Dogs in heat should stay home.
• Dogs should be healthy and vaccinated.
• Always remove your pet’s waste.
• Keep toys and treats at home. Aggressive behavior can erupt as a result of guarding and stealing.
• A flat collar on your dog should be fine. Remove choke chain collars as sometimes a wayward tooth can get caught in the links during dog play.
• Be mindful if you have a small dog. They can be overwhelmed by bigger dogs. Check if there’s a designated area for your petite chien.

Until the Hawaii Kai Dog Park is open, here are the available off-leash parks on Oahu:

Hawaiian Humane Society
Grassy 1/3 acre park with trees, tropical flora, and waterfall.

Diamond Head Road and 18th Avenue
Open daily during daylight hours

Mililani Mauka District Park at Park & Ride
95-1069 Ukuwai Street
Open daily during daylight hours
Closed Wednesday mornings for maintenance

Moanalua Community Park, off Pu‘uloa Rd.
Open daily during daylight hours
Closed Tuesday mornings until noon for maintenance

For more information on the dog parks, contact Hui 'Ilio Hawaii,, or me, Barbara Abe, Until the park in Hawaii Kai is completed and our fence paid for, I will be donating 10% of all my commissions to the group. Visit the Pet Page on my web site for good links and news for pets in Hawaii.

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