Saturday, February 9, 2008

Problems Continue to Plague the Hawaii Superferry

The Alakai, Hawaii's Superferry, is out of commission - again - for drydock maintenance of a damaged auxiliary rudder system. For 8 consecutive days in January-February, service was discontinued because of bad weather and the discovery of cracks in the auxiliary rudders.

While many residents welcomed the addition of an alternative method of transportation between the Hawaiian Islands, the Superferry has been dealing with numerous problems since its inaugural voyage: political, legal, and weather, and the animosity of many islanders, especially on Kauai.

Scheduled to resume service March 3, the ferry will issue refunds for cancelled trips and special fares on future voyages. President and CEO John Garibaldi said the ferry so far is averaging only 150 bookings a trip, when it can hold 866 people and 282 cars.

Hawaii in the winter is host to visitors from around the world who come to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Real estate sales are still very strong throughout the islands, and especially in East Oahu, where I specialize. If you are planning a trip to the islands, contact me for current information on the real estate market, and the status of the Superferry, the Alakai.

Barbara Abe, REALTOR

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