Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pets and Hawaii Kai Real Estate

Getting your Hawaii Kai property ready for sale involves more than cleaning and staging the home. If you have pets, their welfare needs to be considered - but so does their effect on potential buyers.

In Hawaii, we love our pets but they don't always help a sale. Not all buyers like cats - or dogs. Some Hawaii Kai condos are grandfathered only for the pet in residence, not future ones. Here are some tips if you are considering selling a home in Hawaii Kai, and you own a pet:

1. Get rid of pet odor - like kitty litter, hairs, dog smell in carpets. This should be part of your cleaning process.
2. Don't show the home with the pet in residence. Cats may hide, but dogs want to be found. Take them for a walk or, at the very least, step outside with your dog while buyers preview the property. If you work, consider doggie day care.
3. Also hide pet toys, food bowls, etc. - if buyers don't like pets, they won't like the evidence that your property has one.
4. Some folks have allergies to pets. If they want to see your Hawaii Kai home even after you have advertised the resident pet, then be as accommodating as you can and remove the pet during showings.
5. No pets at home during open houses - it just isn't worth the risk of your losing your best friend through a door someone left open.
6. Realize that when you clean before closing, you will have more work and expense to remove all pet odors and hair from your home. Plan and budget ahead.

Visit my web site pet page for informative pet links and news about the pet scene in Hawaii Kai and Oahu. Also featured are ways you can help homeless pets, and pets for the deaf.

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Barbara Abe
Hawaii Kai Realtor

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