Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Like to Walk? Here's a New Site to Test Your Neighborhood's Walkability is a new web site that measures your Hawaii community's walkability, on a score of 0 to 100. The score is based on the number of businesses, parks, schools, and services, within walking distance of a given address.

I tried a few in Honolulu and was amazed at the results, because usually Hawaii neighborhoods are the last to be added to mapping sites. My office location got a score of 60, and an address on Kapahulu a score of 85. The map and text show names, addresses, and a street map marking the destinations.

The site will soon add Google street view, which will allow users to actually see the streets they would walk.

Co-founder Matt Lerner says of his venture, "The goal is simple: to promote walkable communities." And that translates to a healthier population.

With our wonderful weather, and the views and variety of outdoor activities, using a site that tells you if something is within walking distance might be helpful in your search for Hawaii real estate. But when it comes to deciding on real estate opportunities and market conditions, you'll want a local realtor to give you insight into specific Hawaii neighborhoods.


Barbara Abe
Realtor specializing in Hawaii Kai

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