Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hawaii Kai's Maunalua Bay gets Much-Needed Attention

Students from Kamilo Iki Elementary spent this last school year, one afternoon a week, pulling out invasive seaweed and studying the fragile ecosystem of Maunalua Bay.

The bay is an important resource for Hawaii Kai, and a large part of the lifestyle there, providing waters for boaters, swimmers, surfers, commercial interests such as parasailers, and more. It is also a living classroom which the group Navigating Change has chosen for study through local schools.

"After 50 years of urbanization this bay is badly degraded. There is pollution, we have invasive species, and our fisheries are badly degraded," said Alyssa Miller, with Malama Maunalua. The Kamilo Iki students collected 3000 pounds of unwanted plants. "Right now the bay right here is basically dead, there is no coral living in Maunalua Bay," said 5th Grader, Alisha Tokumaru.

Students hope others in Hawaii Kai will be inspired by their efforts to help protect our resource. For information and volunteer opportunities, contact Malama Maunalua, a community-based organization aimed at preserving and restoring the health of the Maunalua region.

Hawaii Kai is such a unique and beautiful place on our island of Oahu, but needs our help and commitment to keep it this way for future generations. Contact me for information on relocation to Hawaii Kai and the lifestyle we enjoy.

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