Friday, October 29, 2010

Sacred Land Adjoining Hale Alii (Hale Kalai) Project in Hawaii Kai May be Sold published a story on the possibilities of the Trust for Public Land and Livable Hawaii Kai Hui purchasing land that has been part of the proposed Hale Alii condo development, at the corner of Hawaii Kai Drive and Keahole Street.  I only know what I read on the post, so will reprint it here as an update to my readers.  If you go to their news page, there is also a video of the Hawaii Kai neighborhood board meeting.

"A Hawaii Kai neighborhood board meeting turned out to be the venue for an update about the future of development near the corner of Hawaii Kai drive and Keahole Street.

“'There is an opportunity here and the Trust for Public Land and the Livable Hawaii Kai Hui are taking steps to purchase the land,' said neighborhood board chairman Greg Knudsen.

"The groups are asking for the board’s support as it negotiates with the owners of the land over the five acre parcel.

"The Hale Alii project was envisioned as a luxury project with some 133 units. But work crews doing initially site work damaged an area considered sacred by some.

“'Parts of the archeological complex were bulldozed and portions of the wetland which is habitat to the endangered alaula bird were filled in, but this new management is apologetic and is looking forward to working with the community group and public,' said Laura Hokunani Ka’akua of the Trust For Public Land.

"The groups say talks are very preliminary and they hope to get the money to buy the land from the state and county. They are encouraged by the turn of events that could keep the land protected for future generations.

“'I think the developers are finally realizing that to have something sacred next to their development actually improves their site,' said cultural practitioner Kaleo Paik."

If you are interested in learning more about the status of Hale Kalai, call or email me and I'll try to get an update for you.

Barbara Abe, Realtor