Friday, January 21, 2011

Top 5 Home Improvement Projects for Return on Equity in your Hawaii Kai Home has released a recent survey of returns you can expect from home improvement projects under $5,000, as recommended by Realtors across the country.  They are:

•Cleaning and de-cluttering ($290 cost / $1,990 price increase / 586% ROI)
•Lightening and brightening ($375 cost / $1,550 price increase / 313% ROI)
•Home staging ($550 cost / $2,194 price increase / 299% ROI)
•Landscaping ($540 cost / $1,932 price increase / 258% ROI)
•Repairing electrical or plumbing ($535 cost / $1,505 price increase / 181% ROI)

Cleaning and de-cluttering continues has ranked as the top suggested home improvement since the survey was originally conducted in 2000.  It was recommended by 99% of real estate professionals, costs less than $300, and returns a value of nearly $2,000 to the home's sale price.  This is a 586% return on investment.  Cleaning and tidying up improve a home's first impression, its curb appeal, and get the seller in the mood for all the cleaning required to move.

Others on the 10 low cost, do-it-yourself home improvements list were updating electrical systems and/or plumbing, updating the kitchen and bathrooms, replacing or shampooing carpets, painting interior walls, repairing damaged floors, and painting the outside of the home.

The home improvement projects with the highest price increases to a home's resale value are updating the kitchen, followed by painting the outside of the home, and home staging.

If you have questions on what repairs or projects to undertake in order to get your Hawaii Kai home ready to sell in 2011, just call or email me.  I've been helping buyers and sellers in Hawaii Kai for more than 20 years, so have a good feel of what projects would be most beneficial.

Barbara Abe, Realtor