Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Aloha Spirit is Alive and Well

The closing on March 31 of Aloha Airlines saddened many in the Islands, not just the ex-employees, but the dozens of stranded travelers, whose reservations on the airline were cancelled.

Yes, the airline was an important asset to interisland transportation - and in recent years, to the mainland - for 61 years. But this is not the first time an air carrier has gone out of business in Hawaii. In recent memory, MidPacific and Mahalo were two airlines that couldn't compete with the bigger carriers, even as Aloha said it couldn't compete with the smaller carrier Go. But folks will still fly outer island to visit or vacation, and there are two airlines left to service the market.

Our real estate values will not suffer because of the loss of Aloha Airlines. Our islands will still be beautiful, and island real estate - because of the scarcity - will continue to be highly prized. Subdivisions can be made on the mainland, but there will never be more waterfront land - in our lifetimes - created in Hawaii.

So make your reservations, come visit, and consider a real estate investment. Our Aloha Spirit is waiting for you.

Contact me with any real estate questions you may have and for a thorough real estate market analysis of Oahu.

Barbara Abe, REALTOR

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