Friday, April 18, 2008

Worldwide Appeal of Hawaii Real Estate

Lately I've worked with "mainland" buyers who have seriously considered investing on Oahu, but have flown back home without committing. Their comments ranged widely:

  • Hawaii prices are too high
  • the market hasn't bottomed
  • financing options are fewer
  • a recession may be coming

While we don't have the gloom and doom reports for real estate on Oahu that so many markets hear on the mainland, buyers can't shake off the constant news reports of hard economic times.

We are so lucky here to have a somewhat isolated economy. Our prices are certainly affected by transportation and supply from the mainland, but real estate prices don't always follow their trends. Now, for instance, many cash buyers from around the world - Malaysia to England - are investing in Hawaii real estate, because the dollar is so weak worldwide.

In most countries, even against the Euro and Canadian dollar, an investment in U.S. currency seems very attractive.

So if you are from Maine or Nebraska, I certainly understand your concern. But if you are using foreign currencies, email or call for information on some great buys in our Islands. Remember, they can't make any more Hawaii waterfront property - the demand will always be there because the supply is limited.


Barbara Abe

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