Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to Downsize in Hawaii Kai

Buying a home in Hawaii Kai is not always easy to afford, and you may have to downsize in order to enjoy our Hawaii Kai lifestyle. Many of us realize only after we have bought the big house and stuffed the closets with clothing and the garage with toys that we have too much stuff and too many financial obligations. Unwinding ourselves from these habits can be challenging. Here are some ideas.

1. Make incremental changes. Look around and ask yourself what you can get rid of without regretting your decision. If you are keeping something for just sentimental reasons, and you don't use it, it can probably be given away or recycled.

2. Think about what you want, not what you’re supposed to want. Justify the decision to you, not the world, if you are selling a larger home for a smaller one. The Joneses will probably follow you.

3. Save your money. You won't make much interest right now, but you will make more than if you spent it.

4. Fewer fixed expenses equals more freedom. Just ask the sellers who got out from under a mortgage they couldn't afford or someone who has finally paid off a large credit card debt.

Hawaii Kai offers homes and prices for everyone, but that waterfront estate on Maunalua Bay may only be for some buyers. Call or email me and let's find what you can afford. Remember, rates are still at historic lows and prices and inventory still support a buyer's market. You can enjoy the Hawaii Kai lifestyle!

Barbara Abe, Realtor

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