Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jake Shimabukuro Performing for Hawaii Kai Fireworks Show

Jake Shimabukuro will be performing tomorrow, July 4, at Maunalua Bay, in the Fireworks Show. According to Show and Tell Hawaii, he is also offering a free download of his beautiful tribute piece to the 442nd Infantry Division’s 100th Battalion, "Go for Broke," at his website,

He composed the tune, reaching back to his small-kid-time memory of the 442nd’s Club 100 hall near his grade school, Ala Wai Elementary, to honor the most highly-decorated U.S. unit in military history.The tune will be part of Shimabukuro’s unnamed new CD, due in August.

“Go For Broke” is the trademark motto and battle cry by the Island soldiers to give it all they had to risk everything, including their lives, to honor their country amid the challenges of the wartime battlefront. The slogan was popular during post-war Hawaii, particularly to boost morale and fighting power.

The Maunalua Bay Fireworks display in Hawaii Kai has become a tradition. Be sure and enjoy it from the Bay or good vantage point in the hills.

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Barbara Abe, Realtor

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