Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hawaii Kai Falling Rocks not a Threat to Homes

There was quite a bit of concern among residents whose homes border the bottom slopes of Koko Crater after a large boulder sheared off a ridge on Feb. 6 of this year.

However, a consultant's geotechnical engineering report sent to the city Department of Design and Construction concluded that that boulder and associated smaller boulders that may have sheared off at the same time "do not present a hazard to downslope residences."

The consultant also looked at a boulder that tumbled down in 2003, and concluded that a ravine and roadway cut would prevent boulders from moving down to the homes. Many of you may remember the damage to homes in Lalea at that time, and the months spent building remediation measures. The real estate values in Lalea were not affected, however.

"The report does much to dispel the community fears about the rockslide," said Greg Knudsen, chairman of the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board.

We live on a volcano, basically, on lava rock, so Pele and the forces shaping the island chain make themselves felt now and then. If you are concerned, contact me for a thorough analysis of real estate historical values in Hawaii Kai.

Barbara Abe, Realtor

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