Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Survey Confirms how Healthy it is to Live in Hawaii Kai

Self magazine has ranked the "Top 100 Healthiest Cities For Women" in its most recent issue. The survey looks at 50 things like crime rate, air quality and access to health care, among other things that affect a woman's ability to live healthy.

Honolulu (and of course Hawaii Kai) ranked 3 out of 100 in 2008, and 6 out of 100 this year. Honolulu women have the list's lowest chance of dying of breast cancer and the second lowest for skin cancer—despite living in a place with 271 sunny days a year. Lung, colon and ovarian cancer deaths are also relatively rare.

The magazine quotes Tiffany Coke, 32, a high school math and physics teacher in Honolulu. "We eat tons of seafood and very little red meat, and instead of chips and salsa, our standard party snack is poke, a Hawaiian raw tuna dish."

Also, women in Hawaii get plenty of disease-preventing exercise, and walk and bike to work twice as often as the national average.

What's healthy in Honolulu is even better in Hawaii Kai - less traffic, less noise, easier access to bike riding, running, and water sports. Come visit our healthy island - you will want to stay and invest in one of the real bargains available now for buyers. Contact me for a free Relocation Package for Hawaii Kai.

Barbara Abe, Realtor

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